Bug [FIXED] Cheese-For-Mice Logout Cookie Session

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CFM Admin
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My partner Sebastian fixed an issue on the main CFM website in regards to being logged in on the website.

From now, you have the option on login to "remember" login state.
Keep in mind, this makes use of a cookie, so if you clear you cookies, even with "remember me" you will be logged out
I made this an option, to keep it a users choice, some might not want to be remembered and might login for short amounts of time only
1) If you check "remember me"
-> the system remembers you for 30 days
-> Even when you not visit any page
-> time is refreshed to 30 days once you perform any action on the website ( except forum )
-> If you stay afk for more than 30 days, you will be logged out
2) If you not choose "remember me"
-> You will be logged out after not performing any action for 1 hour after login
-> time here is also refreshed on any action you peform ( except forum )
Thanks to him for fixing this!
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