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What is the community development team?

The Community development team is a group of users apart of the Cheese-For-Mice community who drive & strength the CFM community. We aim to strengthen the site in terms of activity, community events, and overall increase in participation with all our current & future users.

Current CDT Members

CDT Leaders:
All final decisions will be finalized with the CDT leaders. Please speak with them about any questions or concerns you may have.

CDT Members:
CDT members are the ones who host competitions, events, community activities & more!

CDT Leaders:

324 - Open
325 - Open

CDT Members:

- @Danielle
330 - @Swissginger
331 - @Blank
332 - Open
333 - Open



The Community Development Team is Accepting applications!

We are looking for individuals who display the following;

Being on the CDT team requires lots of thinking outside of the box and coming up with unique idea for anything along the lines of community events & competitions, to social media promoting & advertising.

When a user comes up with a unique idea that may or may not be essentials, each member of the CDT team should work together to provide constructive criticism to help aid the idea. Each member is required to do their fair share.

One portion of the CDT mission is to try new and interesting things to brighten up the CFM community.
For any reason your event may go wrong, you must be strong & confident enough to assess this do your best to make things work.
Don't be afraid of failure, everyone makes mistakes & learn from them down the road!

Probably and the most crucial skill to have. You must be able to communicate well with other users, differences aside, to be able to work together to make our events work the way we want them to.
Slacking and making the minimum effort as a whole won't help anything here.
We look for members who are keen on their ideas and do their part and work hard to advance with the CDT team.
It is your duty to participate in every event you can do.

If you're interesting in joining CFM mission to strength the community, strive what we have, please fill out a application format and private message @Fawxy

PLEASE provide detailed answers for each question.
āš Remember: Your participation and activity around the forum will also be considered.
Applications will be accepted on an occasional basis. As long as applications are OPEN everyone is allow to apply.

How often do you visit the CFM forums on weekly basis?
Why are you interested in joining the CDT team?
What have you done since the return of CFM to improve this community?
Are you active on discord? This is the CDT main communication center.
Do you have anything else to add? More the better!

Looking forward to reading some applications and looking forward to meeting some new CDT members!



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