Quotes are now active & ready to use


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The quotes sections are now ready. You'll need to be logged into the forums in order to post. More planned updates will be coming soon, so staff can manage quotes much easier.

Click Here to visit the quotes section

On the side note;
- Daily Stats, Tribe Stats & Mouse stats are back to updating like normal. @Tocutoeltuco and our new developer @Blank have been working hard behind the scenes on making a new panel for the website for our bots so we can see how much RAM & CPU the bots are using, and easier to find bugs inside the bots when the problems occur. - Maps will soon be following and available once again shortly.

Thanks :mouse_blush:

Update 12-3-19
I've had numerous complaints about the quotes page not displaying properly.
If the quotes page is not displaying for you, clear your website cache & cookies.

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It works for me now ^^ thanks