yo make de l'art

how english

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note: go to tfm forums version of thread to request if you want http://atelier801.com/topic?f=6&t=839641

(copy pasted from original thread on old Cheeseformice and then copy-pasted from Anvil god to new CFM)

I'm sorry because I use a translator to speak in English, if the text is unreadable, please tell me.

Salve, I make very beautiful auts
Here are some examples of the following

for non-shit preview: click here

oh here more

hahahahahhahahahaa you lose

can make of draw of mouse, aut of signature. try to be in digital, but if there is difficulties you onto paper be.

have a waiting list if you me want to draw you, Q thread, please
In addition, the potential to be a long wait, I'm sorry in advance
grazi y aut wiedersehen

LISTE D'ATTENTE (carried over from anvil god, but the most up-to-date list is on A801)
1. Akizakurax
2. Cidboy
3. Partyfool
4. Lscr
5. Frozenjord v2
6. Xlightsidex

requests are OPEN because i can't draw but i do it anyways, because this is more divertido than doing mes devoirs for mein classes. and also CFM REOPENING

you can currently pick between three options of aut (please look under the spoiler above for how the stuff looks like):

1. cfm signature (easiest to do) --> example is noob Jazzymice signature
2. mspaint.exe poop art (can easily draw in as many mice as you like) --> example is Anomunus outfit history (it's inside the spoiler within the spoiler)
3. GIMP 6 year old colouring art (hardest to do, done using shitty stylus on shitty touchscreen) --> example is eten and aki

i usually use mspaint discontinued due to increasing complexity in poop art (ikr?? im confused too) photoshop. also i usually use mouse unless i'm on my laptop, in which i use my shitty touchscreen with a shitty i got a new one for black friday 2019 which works way better stylus instead

btw i own a dA: http://anomunus.deviantart.com/
hey guys so
last week these weird ppl from this random tribe asked me to do their tribe art (idk why??? im not like that famous but i guess i am x)
so i have fulfilled their wish!!

and with this tribe art I am unveiling somethng super cool!!
move over t-posing, this will be the new thing in 2020!!!!!!!!!!!


these ppl are all very lovely xoxoxo

and since theres a new cfm i figure, i may as well re-create my art thread here too :)
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Hello, most of the time i post poopy-looking arts but sometimes I make a legitimate attempt to do art
This is a Christmas present for CFM's very own miss Lileaus/Danielle @Danielle

It's an art, turned into a simple animation, with background music!!
Make sure to turn on the sound on the player when it is opened in a new tab.

I made everything myself in about 8 hours from conception, drafting and painting, composing and arranging the music, all the way to publishing on gfycat.

Hope you like it Danielle! :)

oh dear god i hope i have enough time to one-up this for my actual secret santa recipient
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aawww that's adorable!!!
thank you so much!!!!
you drew furosto and she never gets any love!! <3333