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Object image
Designers Tigrounette
Version 1.11
Platform All
Engine Adobe Flash (graphics)
Box2DFlashAS3 (physics)
Languages FR EN BR ES TR


Genre Platformer
Mode Multiplayer
Requirements Web browser
Adobe Flash Player 9.0+
Adobe AIR
Official standalone

Bouboum is an online Flash game game created by Atelier 801, also known for making Transformice, Aaaah!, Forteresse and Celousco. It was originally part of the Extinction platform, although later ported to Atelier 801's Community Platform after a testing phase in the Transformice client.

Most of the art found in the game was drawn by Maharadjah.


The gameplay of Bouboum is comparable to bomberman, a strategic maze-based game.

The general goal here is survive as long as possible by strategically placing bombs to kill enemies and destroy obstacles.

Exploding bombs can set off other bombs, destroy blocks, and kill players.

The bombs

Icon Name Effect
Normal bomb.png Normal bomb Just a regular bomb.
Star bomb.png Star bomb Random detonation time.
Eco bomb.png Ecological bomb Rarely creates a destruct-able block.
Confetti bomb.png Confetti bomb Random explosion range.
Ultra bomb.png Ultra bomb Can destroy non-destruct-able blocks.
Nuclear bomb.png Nuclear bomb Detonates other Nuclear bombs.
Dangerous bomb.png Dangerous bomb Can destroy every block.


Icon Name Effect
Fire up.png Fire up Will increase the fire range of the bomb.
Bomb up.png Bomb up You can place more bombs in a row.
Speed up down.png Speed up/down Makes your character faster or slower.
Random effect.png Random effect Will give you a random bomb or it will give you autobomb for a couple of seconds.


The bouboum shop is comparable to the shop in Transformice.

The only difference is that you pay with nuts and you can only buy characters/skins.


Skin name Image Price Bouboum nut.png
Brown Hamster Brown hamster skin.pngBrown hamster skin sprite.png Every new player gets this skin.
Grey Hamster Grey hamster skin.pngGrey hamster skin sprite.png 50 Nuts
Cat Cat skin.pngCat skin sprite.png 100 Nuts
Penguin Penguin skin.pngPenguin skin sprite.png 150 Nuts
Dog Dog skin.pngDog skin sprite.png 200 Nuts
Frog Frog skin.pngFrog skin sprite.png 400 Nuts
Turkey Turkey skin.pngTurkey skin sprite.png 500 Nuts
Turtle Turtle skin.pngTurtle skin sprite.png 600 Nuts
Lion Lion skin.pngLion skin sprite.png 800 Nuts
Reindeer Reindeer skin.pngReindeer skin sprite.png 900 Nuts
Horse Horse skin.pngHorse skin sprite.png 1000 Nuts
Parrot Parrot skin.pngParrot skin sprite.png 1000 Nuts
Snake Snake skin.pngSnake skin sprite.png 1500 Nuts
Fox Fox skin.pngFox skin sprite.png 2000 Nuts
Wolf Wolf skin.pngWolf skin sprite.png 5000 Nuts
Panda Panda skin.pngPanda skin sprite.png Not buyable

Game modes

Bouboum contains two gamemodes

  • Regular mode
  • Ranked mode

They don't differ much from eachother,there are only a few differences.

Ranked mode

In ranked mode you play against players with the same rank as you.
The rank number also known as 'skill level' tells you what your current rank is.
Only if you play in Ranked mode it will change your rank.

Features of Ranked mode.

Regular mode

In regular mode it is easier to play with friends, and it doesn't effect your rank.

Features of Regular mode.

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