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Object image
Designers Tigrounette
Version 1.16 (Beta)
Platform All
Engine Adobe Flash (graphics)
Box2DFlashAS3 (physics)
Languages FR EN BR ES TR


Genre Shooter
Mode Multiplayer
Requirements Web browser
Adobe Flash Player 9.0+
Adobe AIR
Official standalone

Forteresse, also known as TrimFortress (a 'possibly' reference to the famous game created by Valve, Team Fortress) or Fortoresse, is a game developed by Atelier 801. The game consists in a remake of an old game created by Tigrounette for Extinction.

Currently, the game is in a beta phase, as you can see by entering in his official site.


In the game, users have to fight against others while protecting their base, if you die, you'll re-spawn in a few seconds, but if the enemy team destroy your base, you'll lose the game.


Key Result
Mouse cursor Aim shoot.
Left click Shoot.
Arrows/WASD Moving.
Spacebar/Ctrl/Shift Place/spawn blocks with your mouse cursor.
E Refill/reload your ammo.
J Change your keyboard layout. (S = Spacebar)


v1.1 14/03/2014 - Game startup. - 100 Free potatoes :D

v1.2 16/03/2014 - All weapons are sent to 150 potatoes. - Pistols are now 200 potatoes. - More skins are added.

v1.3 18/03/2014 - M40's damage is now 19 instead of 25. - M40 has now 5 ammo.

v1.4 18/03/2014 - Leaderboards are now added. - Bug fixed; random people were shown in leaderboard.

v1.5 19/03/2014 - 2 new weapons from first glance; AN 94, G36C. - 1 new weapon as a secondary; UZI. - M40 (Sniper) has now 7 ammo. - Beretta 9mm (Starter Pistol) does now 2 damage.

v1.5b 19/03/2014 - M40's damage is now 17 instead of 19, and it's crouch damage is 10-11. - AK47 does only 3 damage, instead of 4, and it's crouch damage is 1-2. - The leaderboard shows the Top 3 number of points achieved. - People have now colors in their chat. Ex. blue talks in blue words. - The second skins male/female are now 50 potatoes.

v1.6 22/03/2014 - New game mode: Destroy the opponent team. You only have one life! - MP5's stats has changed, it's magazine is now 22, deals 2 damage and has no range

v1.6b 24/03/2014 - 16 new maps. - New primary gun, M60 - Two new gamemodes, Domination and Protect the VIP. - New picture when game is down in maintenance. - New icons for base defense and the attack.

v1.7 25/03/2014 - Red and Blue colored messages are now gone. - Improvments of VIP mode! VIP is now more visible, has 200hp, and is chosen between the 3 best players of last round.

v1.8 25/03/2014 - Chat colors are back! - VIP mode map is now 4 minutes. - We can now see a part of the profile, date, tribe, gender and soulmate.

v1.9 2/04/2014 - Respawn time is now 12 seconds.

v1.10 2/04/2014 - Bug fixes. - You can now get more than 4 potatoes.

v1.16 20/05/2014 - New login screen! - 6 New Maps! - You can now change your hairstyle! - 10+ More skins! - Perks are added: Health box, shield, mines, electricity ect!

Weapon info

Weapon name Damage Crouch Damage Magazine Speed Accuracy Reload Automatic
Primary Weapons (Weapon 1)
M4 A1 (Default weapon) 2 1 30 Fast Medium 3 Seconds Yes
MP5 2 1-2 22 Fast - 2 Seconds Yes
SPAS 12 4 + 4 = 8 6 4 Slow Low 3 Seconds No
AK 47 3 2-3 30 Medium Medium 4 Seconds Yes
Famas 1-2 0-1 30 Fast High 3 Seconds Yes
M40 A5 (Sniper) 17 10 7 Slow High 3 Seconds No
G36C 2 1-2 25 Fast Medium 3 Seconds Yes
AN94 2-3 2 20 Fast High 3 Seconds Yes
M60 2 1-2 90 Fast Low 5 Seconds Yes
Secondary Weapons (Weapon 2)
Baretta 9mm (Default weapon) 1-2 0-1 17 Fast High 1 Seconds No
.357 Magnum 9 8 6 Medium Medium 3 Seconds No
Desert Eagle 5 4 9 Medium High 2 Seconds No
Uzi 1 0-1 35 Fast Medium 2 Seconds Yes



Compared to his predecessor TrimFortress has more stylish graphics and a new class system.

With the new class system, players will be able to play in different roles, like being a Medic to heal your team members and things like that.

More weapons will come maybe and grenades...

And maybe we will be able to buy potatoes with a real money ^_^